The Lamborghini “Valet Key” explained

The Lamborghini “Valet Key” explained

Photo Credits: Chicago Motor Cars & Automobili Lamborghini

It is believed that the Gallardo was the first Lamborghini to feature a "valet key", and it has successfully confused many since, gaining prominence with Aventador and Huracán owners specifically.

Using the same technology from the B8 generation Audi A4, all Aventadors and Huracáns were delivered with three sets of keys. A main key, an identical second key (aka spare key) and an elusive third plastic key, often incorrectly referred to as the valet key.

What exactly is the valet key?

The valet key consists of two parts, a plastic shell mimicking the shape of the main keys, and a small plastic key cut the same way as the metal emergency key inside of the main keys.

What most do not know is that the plastic key contains a passive RFID chip which is capable of starting the vehicle, in a similar way to how it can be started when the battery in the main key is dead.

How to use the Lamborghini valet key

As the plastic key is cut in the same way as the metal emergency keys, it can be used in a similar fashion. Namely to use the emergency door locks on the Aventador and Huracán, and to lock and unlock the glove box (if there is one).

As for the plastic shell, it is useless without the plastic key, but is essential if one is trying to start the vehicle without either of the main keys. Once inside the vehicle, the plastic key gets placed inside of the plastic shell and can then be used to start the engine.

The exact emergency engine start procedure depends on the vehicle. In the Aventador and its variants, the shell (with the plastic key inside) gets inserted into a slot in the dashboard under the steering column.

As for the Huracán, the key simply needs to be held against a pad in the dashboard, also located next to the steering column. In theory, the shell is not even necessary.

Aventador demonstration video.

Huracán demonstration video.

So what is the point of the valet key?

The actual purpose of the valet key is for it to be used as a 'wet key'. The plastic key with the RFID chip inside is sealed and theoretically waterproof, making it perfect to keep inside a swimsuit pocket when taking your Lamborghini to the beach.

The plastic shell can be left inside the car, and as it is useless without the plastic key, there is no reason to be concerned about someone gaining access to the car. Just remember to manually lock the doors with the plastic key upon exiting.

lamborghini aventador s cape town

What about the valet part?

As far as we know, the key has nothing to do with actually going into a 'valet mode' of sorts. The name was likely attached to it incorrectly when many vehicles during the same era, including Audis with the same keys, started to come out with unique valet modes and access controls in order to limit joy-rides and theft.

Why didn't my Lamborghini come with a valet key?

Unfortunately, due to confusion about the purpose of this third key, many owners and dealers have lost or disregarded it, leading to many used vehicles being sold with only the two main keys.

Can I get a replacement valet key?

As the plastic key contains not only the RFID chip used to start the car, but is also capable of unlocking the doors, the only way to get a replacement is to order it directly from Lamborghini, who can program and 'cut' the key for you.

If there are any third-parties capable of doing this, please get in touch with us.

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